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Business / Commercial

Mediating a conflict within a business is not just about the bottom-line. It is about the interest of the people in the business. A business dispute is not a one size-fits- all; they are contingent on the variables of the given case, and vary from stockholder derivative suits to corporate disputes. Being a prominent business owner in San Diego, Leticia Ostler has the experience from being CEO of several companies and as a mediator in these disputes.

Employment Law Cases

Employment cases are complex and present many obstacles; they require a firm understanding of the applicable laws and one well versed in the application of mediation. Employment laws are continuously being amended or changed. This not only presents legal challenges; the emotional issues an individual face is often overwhelming.

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Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Personal Injury

Mediating wrongful death and catastrophic catastrophic injury cases are complicated and deal with raw emotions. Most often the parties feel pain, remorse, fears, anxiety, anger and regret. The victims frequently experience anger, loss and grief; this creates the need for retribution, revenge, respect, restitution and sometimes an apology.

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Family Law & Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation enables a couple to work together to attain an amicable resolution during a difficult time. With the assistance of a mediator, a couple can intelligently consider the legal and financial aftermaths of divorce for both individuals. The mediator’s central focus is to facilitate a positive dialogue to ensure the couple is fully informed of the process. Through confidential mediation, the parties can freely discuss the division of child custody, child support, visitations, alimony, debts, assets, and other issues that encompass a divorce.

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Real Estate Dispute Mediation

Mediation can often be a positive option real estate disputes, including: boundary disputes, construction disputes, lease disputes and more. When is comes to helping the parties negotiate solutions a mediator’s impartiality is critical. Our goal is always to facilitate agreements while not favoring one side over another.

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IEP / School District Mediation

IEP/School District Mediation uses a mediator who provides an opportunity for parents and school administrators to discuss a dispute to amicably solve a problem without engaging in due process.  Mediation is an effective and useful method of resolving a dispute between the parents and school administrators or public agencies.

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Ms. Ostler has eighteen years of experience in conflict resolution, her ability to implement state of the art negotiation techniques can help you attain a successful resolution to your dispute.

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