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Divorce / Family Mediation

Divorce mediation enables a couple to work together to attain an amicable resolution during a difficult time. With the assistance of a mediator, a couple can intelligently consider the legal and financial aftermaths of divorce for both individuals. The mediator’s central focus is to facilitate a positive dialogue to ensure the couple is fully informed of the process. Through confidential mediation, the parties can freely discuss the division of child custody, child support, visitations, alimony, debts, assets, and other issues that encompass a divorce.

Family mediation helps family units to work through a conflict with an elderly family member’s care, the passing of a family member, and distribution of an estate.  Emotions during the grieving process or family dispute can run high; these types of emotions can create irrational and illogical decision-making, thus causing conflict within the family unit.  A mediator can help create a harmonious environment for the family unit that encourages open communication and distribution of an estate in honor of a loved one.

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Ms. Ostler has eighteen years of experience in conflict resolution, her ability to implement state of the art negotiation techniques can help you attain a successful resolution to your dispute.

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