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Leticia Ostler is the founder of Clarity Dispute Resolution. Ms. Ostler is a mediator, jury consultant, coach, consultant, and trainer specializing in communication, negotiations, and solutions of complex multi-party disputes.

Her expertise in these fields are inclusive of community, grievance and workplace disputes, cooperative bargaining negotiations, business conflicts, organizational conflicts, employment and discrimination lawsuits, wrongful deaths, catastrophic injuries, and customizing preventative dispute resolution systems for business.

    Staff Training Taught by Leticia

    Conflict Resolution, Negotiation Techniques, and Preventing Dispute Systems at the Workplace

      Membership & Affiliations

      • Southern California Mediation Association
      • Mediation Association
      • American Association of Justice
      • Lawyernomics
      • American Society of Trial Consultants
      • American Psychological Association (APA)
      • Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
      • North Carolina Advocates for Justice
      • Texas Trial Lawyers Association
      • Consumer Attorneys of California
      • Consumer Attorneys of San Diego

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        Ms. Ostler has eighteen years of experience in conflict resolution, her ability to implement state of the art negotiation techniques can help you attain a successful resolution to your dispute.

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